Frequently Asked Questions


What does Christian Apologia do?

We are a group of faith based writers that will help you to write memoirs and autobiographies. We can also edit completed, or mostly completed, memoirs. We conduct interviews via phone call, zoom or written, then our writers turn your wisdom into a cherished book for family, business colleagues, or friends. We give advice about the publishing business and can help you in that area but our main focus is to produce a quality book for you.

What's the distinction among Cristian Apologia versus "Vanity Press"

We don’t need to waste anyone’s time or money. We focus only to authors who wish to tell their personal and/or business story. Our authors clearly understand how books are written and published. There are many so called publishers or vanity press. This is easy, but expensive. Vanity presses make their money from authors, not readers, so anyone daring enough to pay them can get published.


Why is it so essential that I work directly with a writer and not an interviewer?

​Writers recognize what to ask due to the fact they are the ones recording your story. Relying upon their experience crafting books, they our your partner to make sure they analyze everything they can from you about your life. Hourly paid interviewers are not writers and do not know understand the best questions to ask.  

Can you promise me a best-seller?

Never be fooled through any writer who guarantees to write a “best-seller". You would be deeply disappointed by them. We encourage you not to believe your book will be on the bestseller lists, but instead focus on the personal goals and business for your book.

What are legacy books?

​Your narrative is uniquely yours. We invite you to control your narrative by telling your stories your way so that your family and friends can learn from your memories, valuable stories, and lessons in a type of book that's called a legacy book.

What's the difference between a memoir and an autobiography?

A memoir is the telling of a story based on fact.

  • Is about a theme, aspect, choice, or event 

  • Can begin or quit anywhere 

  • Is personal

  • Can be written through anyone, well-known or not

An autobiography is factual.

  • Usually about well-known people.

  • Details a whole life

  • Starts at the beginning and progresses sequentially to the end

Who is the author of my book if you write it?

You are the composer of your book, and it is written absolutely in your voice from interviews with you. You offer all content material for your book. After the interviews with your writer are complete, they will work with you to create a book with your name on the cover. 

Is it too late?

Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, the classic tale of a castaway on a deserted island, is considered by many critics to be the father of the English novel, which is saying something considering novelists such as Dickens, Austen, and Twain followed in his footsteps. What’s remarkable is Defoe did not publish Robinson Crusoe, his first novel, until he was 59 years old (in 1719). But that’s nothing. Miguel de Cervantes, whose Don Quixote is often considered the first modern novel in any language, did not publish the second half of his classic until he was almost 70.  And Moses was 80 years old before he began his ministry! (Exodus 7:7) Don’t let age or a late start make you give up on your dreams. Do you have a message to share? A story to tell? A heart for a particular ministry? It’s not too late. Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass. (1 Thessalonians 5:24, NASB)


"Thoughts written to words

can help echo an eternity."