• Dathan Belanger

How a Believer Can Fight Depression

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Depression can creep up and hit us like a sledgehammer. You may feel something is taking hold of you but it is difficult to break out of the storm. This is not something you can typically snap out of quickly once smitten as naysayers may think.

God created a paradise on earth, but because of sin, perfection was shattered and this brought suffering into this world. Including depression. First of all, depression is real. It is a serious illness. As with any illness, someone may need to seek professional help. While God is capable of intervening, he often uses professionals to help him with his work.

Depression is a living hell. You may be in agony and feel forsaken. You may feel that God is silent in your prayers. That he is holding deliverance. You may even be angry. You are not alone with your thoughts. Many have felt this way. It may surprise you that Jesus felt this way.

Psalm 22- “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” Jesus said this phrase as he was bearing the wrath of God for us.

It is ok to feel this way. But it is not good to believe this is true. Hey, a faithful church will never win a popularity contest.

It is also important to know that depression is not a punishment from God nor it is not a sin to feel this way. Also, depression does not make you unstable and not to be trusted with your church fellowship. It is also ok to take a break from volunteering and work at your fellowship. God loves you whether you serve or not.

Here are tips to fight off depression

Remember to have faith In times of depression, we must remember that God brings news of comfort and joy. Have confidence knowing that your deliverance was through God’s suffering servant Jesus who volunteered so that we would never be forsaken.

Reach out for help Reach out to trusted friends within your church family for support and encouragement if this is possible.

Seek a professional It is perfectly ok to seek a professional.

It is unbelievers that think prayer will rescue them. Yes, prayer is important. But living in faith is also powerful. God does hear you. Know that you are forever loved.

Jesus also cried out “It is Finished!”

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